What Clients Say

    • "Becka is an incredible coach who is able to bridge large physical distances with her warmth and smile and constant affirmation and validation. It is amazing how she is able to take my words and re-frame and reflect back to me so that my own story felt completely different and fresh to me. When I started sessions with Becka, I was in a time of upheaval, having just moved to a new city and in the throes of both the job and housing market. With Becka's support, I was able to clarify my goals and ended up securing a meaningful job and an amazing housing situation!" Coaching Client, Boston, MA
    • "Becka Tilsen was the 'edge' I needed to push my business out of the nest. After months of frustration imposing a compartmentalized approach to managing school/day job/career, I found my 'to do' list only became more fragmented, farther out of reach. She skillfully cut through my cumulative angst and clutter fatigue to cultivate the paradigm shift I needed in order to move forward, and then followed up with constructive accountability." Small Business Owner, Seattle, WA
    • "Our sessions have been such a gift of insight." Coaching Client, Portland, OR
    • "The turning point was Becka’s insight in uncovering and validating my natural work style. She and I worked together to develop a practical game plan, releasing (or at least setting aside) perfectionism, and capitalizing on bursts of creative energy. Becka’s personable, witty, sharp-as-a-tack clarity really resonated with me. The 'lessons' from our meetings unfolded over the next few weeks, as I accomplished more in a short time than I had in months of struggling on my own." Small Business Owner, Seattle, WA
    • "I still have plenty on my plate, but now my business has momentum of its own, my clients are being served, and I have resources to keep expanding the big picture while maintaining the minutia. Becka’s work made the transition faster, cheaper, and better than I would have imagined!" Small Business Owner, Seattle, WA
    • "I had never gone to a personal coach before and Becka Tilsen was incredibly helpful to me... I took concrete steps around a goal I had been frozen on for over a year. I loved how flexible and thoughtful she was in tailoring sessions to my needs." Executive Director, National Non-Profit, San Francisco, CA

What Community Partners Say

    • "She is well-known for her ability to think critically and teach well around sensitive topics like oppression and diversity and I trust her to be thorough, self-aware and respectful in varying contexts." Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle WA
    • "Becka is incredibly innovative. Her creativity is one of her strongest assets. She has a noteworthy balance of being practical, concrete, and creative in her teaching and writing as well as leadership and program development." Training Colleague, Seattle WA
    • "Becka is a wellspring of integrity, self-reflection, and inspiration for those around her." Executive, National Non-Profit, New York, NY
    • "Becka is able to communicate sensitive information and complex concepts in an accessible and non-judgmental way." Executive Vice President, National Non-Profit, New York, NY/li>
    • "She is quite brilliant, insightful, reads audience well, and keeps her communications useful and informative." Training Colleague, Seattle, WA