What is Leadership Coaching?

Dynamic Partnership

Leadership Coaching is a dynamic partnership geared toward helping you design, execute, and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Personalized Process

Leadership Coaching is a personalized process that provides you with resources and structures tailored to help you accomplish your desired change.

Consistent Relationship

Leadership Coaching is a consistent relationship, designed to not only introduce you to new skills but to work with you to implement them in your personal and professional practice.

"I took concrete steps around a goal I had been frozen on for over a year. I loved how flexible and thoughtful [Becka] was in tailoring sessions to my needs.”
Coaching Client, Executive Director of National Non-Profit

How does leadership coaching work?

I offer leadership coaching appointments in person, by phone, or by video chat. I generally recommend that clients contract for six- or twelve-session packages and schedule either weekly or bi-monthly appointments. Although this is the ideal structure, I am also available for shorter term coaching on a case-by-case basis.

FIRST – I provide a free 30-minute consultation so that you and I can explore whether coaching is right for you.

SECOND – We schedule an initial 60-90 minute session in which we develop a foundation for our work together. We identify structure and content that combines challenge and support as we work together to achieve your goals.

THIRD – You complete homework exercises designed to support you as you experiment, explore, reflect and try anew. As your companion on this journey, I will help you navigate any obstacles you encounter as you work toward your goals, and when you reach them, I will help you celebrate your accomplishments.

FINALLY – You enjoy your accomplishments! What a difference a little support, accountability and companionship can make.

"Now my business has momentum of its own, my clients are being served, and I have resources to keep expanding the big picture while maintaining the minutia. Becka’s work made the transition faster, cheaper, and better than I would have imagined!"
Coaching Client, Small Business Owner

My Areas of Specialization

Life Transitions

  • A personalized program for helping you develop your unique vision.
  • Alignment of purpose, vision, and strategy so that your goals write themselves.
  • Create a life plan and make it happen.

Leadership, Supervising, and Social Justice

  • Building Better Bosses: Distinguishing between leadership and management; How to excel at both.
  • Command a room of any size. Presentation, public speaking, and workshop design.

Personal Organization, Effectiveness, and Wellness

  • Tame your overwhelming workload.
  • Email - Don't work for it, make it work for you.
  • Design your space to do your best work.
  • Work/life balance. Implementing genuine, overarching, life-balancing wellness.
  • Enneagram Consultation.

Procrastinators Wanted!

Many highly intelligent and creative people are also procrastinators. This is not a life sentence! Every procrastination pattern holds valuable information about your strengths. It takes one to know one, and although there is no set of tricks that fits everyone, together, we can work with your natural intelligence and creativity to leverage your strengths and put the full force of your power behind your personal and professional goals.

College and Graduate Student Support Services

  • Finding your way back to school. Selecting the right undergraduate or graduate program and writing a successful application.
  • Focusing your study, selecting your research topic.
  • Getting it done! Support from start to finish through the process of writing your thesis or dissertation.
  • Learning Disability/Reading Disability Support. Information and design for being a successful student with a reading or learning disability.
  • Dissertation/Thesis completion support groups. Available in-person and over the phone.

What's the Big Difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching is a partnership formed to build new internal and external structural support so that you can move forward on a specific goal or set of goals for a more fulfilling, effective, and joyful life. Therapy is a relationship formed with a broad mission to understand a client’s psyche and to create useful interventions for healing.

Although many therapists can perform effective coaching and coaching can indeed be therapeutic, I view the primary distinction between coaching and therapy as practitioners’ respective emphases on external and internal worlds. Therapy resides in the internal world of the client and visits the external world in order to understand the internal world in action. Coaching is the inverse. Coaching resides in the external world and visits the client’s internal world in order to understand the origins of a client’s actions. In other words, coaching addresses the “So What” part of counseling. Coaching creates a structure for you to discover how to put the full force of your creative capacity behind your impact on the world.