My Approach

Social Justice, Developmental, Body-Based

As a coach and consultant I build the capacity of individuals and groups to harness personal and collective power to bring about a more just, accountable, loving, and equitable world. My approach to working with individuals and groups is rooted in a commitment to social justice, is developmentally centered, and incorporates body-based and mindfulness practices.

My Midwest, activist family instilled in me a sense of personal responsibility for creating a just world. Through my family, I developed a deeply felt commitment to social justice, strong intergenerational relationships with activists who have helped build the present, and an understanding of our current struggles for justice as embedded in our history. This legacy has instilled in me a long-term perspective on social change and a firm personal commitment to building strong and enduring social justice movements.

I utilize a developmental framework in my practice, which means that I focus on the processes by which individuals and groups learn, grow, heal, and regenerate. My central interest lies in how you might walk your path most effectively and use your own ingenuity and passion to succeed, unencumbered by past obstacles and impediments to your creative force.

My coaching and consulting approach also utilizes my training in body-based and mindfulness practices. In working with the intelligence of the body, we have the opportunity to exponentially advance the depth, integrity, and longevity of our work. This is because body-based work reaches beyond the mental processes that we typically use in our attempts to establish new patterns. Awareness of our physicality operationalizes intimidating goals into the small habits of everyday living. By paying attention to our psychobiology we can establish practices that align mind and the body toward a common goal.